The frequency of matter is the rate of speed that the atoms move. As frequencies are lower, the matter is more solid, and at higher frequencies matter becomes less solid and eventually is invisible to the naked eye.  Our energy body is, simply put, our chakras, and auric field (the layers of energy that are in and around our bodies.)

When I say ‘vibration/vibe’, I’m referring to those frequencies.

Everything has a frequency. Our bodies, emotions, thoughts, food, and all other things.

We are absolutely more than our physical bodies, much, much more. In order to take care of our physical bodies, we must remember to take care of it all.

There are many aspects and methods to raise your frequency, but I wanted to discuss foods.



They help sync you up with your local surroundings, and the seasons. Foods will naturally bring you into balance. For instance, heavier roots in cooler Winter weather warm your body and are heavier. It is hibernation season. Though we don’t actually go into a hibernation state, it’s natural to go inward, to slow down. These seasonal cool weather foods nourish us and support the grounded, inward focus. 


In warmer weather, the foods are cooler and lighter. More water, like cucumbers and watermelon. Naturally giving you what you need to navigate the high energy warm and hot days. . Summer is the time to expand, express and go outward.

Transitional seasons are times to either begin to blossom (Spring), or get your affairs in order for the coming inner focused time Autumn.)



Foods untainted with chemicals, fungicides and other interferences with the natural growing cycle have a much higher vibration than “frankenfoods” that are altered by GMO and chemicals. They may be studies and shown to have similar nutritional value in some scientific studies, the organics are teeming with life as opposed to the non-organics. Life= higher vibrations, which supports your overall health, both the physical and subtle/energetic body.



Anything in a box with a long list of ingredients, especially things you can’t pronounce is better banished from your pantry.  Processing, adding chemicals, lowering fat but adding High Fructose Corn Syrup (which currently has many names to trick you.) Lifeless, dead and makes no contribution to your health. High sodium, extra sugar, added synthetic flavorings, robbed of nutrients, NO energy to nourish all of you, actually, highly processed nourish *none* of you!



I am a proponent of a plant-based diet. I understand that we each have different constitutions, some people may choose to have some animal products. If you do, please be mindful of the origin of what you’re consuming. In terms of frequency and vibration, plant based diets are lighter and will support a higher frequency.  It will connect you with not only lightness in body and mind, it connects you with your intuition and your Spirit. If you’re wishing to develop your higher intuition, a plant based diet will support that.

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