What if I fall off of the wagon?


No one is perfect and if you've committed to a healthier diet, it can be quite a challenge, especially when you're out to eat. It's also hard at parties and visiting friends and family.

I actually fell a bit last night, I was at a restaurant and thought I was ordering plant based/dairy free. Well, when my salad came the dressing was definitely not dairy free. I was so hungry that I decided not to send it back. I had my plant based soup and a few bites of the salad. I regretted it later in my belly, I got so upset in my stomach, I was saved at home by a fragrant tea that contained fennel and anise. That alone had me back on track and this morning is a new start, actually, the new start was seconds after I took the bites and decided it was a bad idea. The new start doesn't have to be the 'next day.' It can be immediately!

You can jump back on at any time! It's not a crime to fall. Sometimes you pay, as I did. Other times you may go unconscious in your eating for a few days (or even longer!) It's ok, as I said, no crime.

If you're off your path and want to jump back on and find your inner resolve, support helps. I created a support group on Facebook, a place to learn, contribute support and be supported. Support includes a pace to be re-motivated and find strategies to live a healthier life!




If you've been meaning to eat better but keep putting it off, want to add more healthy food into your diet, let's chat! Book a time HERE. We'll discuss your goals and where you want to be.