Planner addicts, it's almost 2018!

Have you been planning out your planning?

 I know by the time November comes around  have planners in my cart everywhere!! I'm on all of the mailing lists and targeted ads follow me around online. They've got my number!It's almost time for us to set our intentions, plan a theme for our year, kiss the old year goodbye and ORDER the dang planners.

Planning your backup plan

I am an admitted planner addict. I spend my mornings setting the intention for the day, reviewing the day/week before. I review my schedule so I can physically and mentally prepare for the day. I look back on the things I didn’t accomplish yesterday (not to shame myself, but to either take them from my schedule or add them to the present day.) I plan my meals and ideally I keep track of my finances. 

Transit and Track it

As we round the curve into the end of 2017 it's important to keep going and finish the last quarter out strong! It's all to easy to see the ending as we approach the holidays and begin to look ahead to next year. All of the new planners start to be released. For us planner addicts it's common to order several (confession time) and then figure out which one you resonate with. 

Consider this though- What are you really doing?

Every year at the transition from one year to the next we all tend to have the very best intentions for making life progress in the upcoming year. Usually these “resolutions,” “intentions,” or whatever you want to call them get swept away with the flurry of real life and the need to go back to our regular schedules and obligations which usually carry us far from out good intentions.

On backup plans

One of the things that I have found is that we don’t have a backup plan, without one we are doomed to keep living our present patterns until perhaps a catastrophic life event propels you into forced change. Things like losing a job, divorce or breakup, a death or anything that feels like the Universe is dropping a cinder block on your head. Wouldn’t you love to be able to make changes empowered by your own choice? (conscious choice.)

Planner addicts, help me, please?

I want to know how you plan, what you plan, what you track, how you do it. What is your favorite planner? Do you keep a Bullet Journal? I want anything you have to share about your planning addiction and habits.

Send me a message HERE. Pretty please?