How to build a plant based pantry to save money on groceries.

Do you think it's super-expensive to eat a high quality, healthy diet? Think again.

Last week my grocery list was a quarter what it had been in the past. My pantry is well stocked and all I needed were fresh veggies and odds and ends. Sure, it CAN be expensive and confusing to plan out a healthy plant-based diet, but it doesn't have to be. Once you put a little effort in and planning and preparation, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Your big "pantry-stocking" trip to market will run more expensive, but that's only one time. You'll be re-stocking as needed but not all at once again

1.) Brainstorm ingredients.

Look through the current meals and recipes that are a part of your routine, maybe start with the mainstays you want to have as regular meals and go-to snacks.. Write out the ingredients. Write out everything you regularly consume.

2.) Make your Master List.

how to build a vegan pantry

When you have looked at several meals that are common Cross out the things that are highly perishable and need to be bought fresh. You'll probably have items left like spices, beans, oils that you need for many of the meals. Look for repeats. Do you always make smoothies that use bananas? They would fit on your pantry list.

3.) Go Shopping.

The first trip will likely be more pricey, but it's necessary in setting things up. Once you have your pantry stocked, it's so much easier to choose a healthy meal and you'll be saving time and money at the grocery store. Some weeks you may only need the produce section (because your lovely pantry is so well stocked)

4.) Organize and Categorize.

Get some mason jars for things like dried beans and other bulk ingredients (it definitely saves money to buy from the bulk bins.) Make sections for different categories. I personally have a section for tomato sauces, paste, salsa, sundried tomatoes/ dried beans and quinoa (etc)/ Canned coconut milk and other canned things like some beans./I have a bin for baking things that don't need to be frozen. There's also a spot for different vinegars and oils.

Ideas for planning meals coming in a future blog post. If you have a great idea or thought, please drop it in the comments.

When you have your plan and everything you need at your fingertips to carry it out you're less likely to waste time and money at the grocery store.

Now when you make your weekly meal plan and plan out your grocery trip the list will be much smaller. You'll basically be buying the specific ingredients you need and re-stocking the pantry as needed. You'll have the freedom of browsing recipes and sometimes realizing that you have all you need and either don't need to go out to pick anything up, or only need one or two things.


kely st claire, woman with black cat
kely st claire, woman with black cat

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