What to do with your selfies

I read something not long ago about how people who take selfies are narcissistic and worse, what!? This is not true and I'll explain my thought process.

Selfies are a way of inventing yourself, of putting the spotlight on the parts of yourself that you love. They're a way of exuding confidence. I prefer the term 'self portrait', is sounds pretty dignified! Self portraits are a way to invent or reinvent yourself. 

Reinvent yourself exactly how you want to! Whatever it takes to see yourself as beautiful. I encourage you to allow those parts of yourself that you haven't loved take center stage.



They're also FUN! This is why I created the 

Healthy Selfie Challenge

The deal is: Post a selfie a day (or more)... The more the better. Each person who posts daily will be in the drawing for a SURPRISE bag from LUSH. 

It's totally free.

Join the list to be notified of the next start date!! I announce the winner by Facebook Livestream. 

Please join us! I want to see your beauty!