What was/is your theme for 2017? ( a sensitive, personal post)

Have you ever chosen a word for the year? It’s intended to be a theme for the upcoming year. It’s worth putting some thought into it because in my experience, it makes a difference. It’s an affirmation, it’s an intention.

The year I chose PATIENCE I ended up going through a few difficult things that required that quality, it wasn’t easy, but I did cultivate patience. Be careful what you wish for because if you focus on it enough, life/spirit/source (however you experience a higher power) will conspire to help you. Put thought into it... Set your intention.


Ultimately I’m so glad that I had those experiences because patience was something I struggled with and as a mom it’s an important quality..,Well, as anyone it’s a good skill to have.

Last year was a “stuck” year. My business was stagnant. My relationship going through ups and downs and was a painful struggle at times, as well as love. A codependency it was difficult to change, my finances, my weight, I had stagnancy in all areas of my life. I was living a healthy physical lifestyle, and still, life wasn’t moving or thriving..

It HAD to change. My ultimate goal in life is to live and operate from a higher vibration and be the light. I have been called to serve others and my biggest intention was to inspire and be a ‘way shower’. This was impossible until some things shifted, so I chose my word for 2017.


Yes, GAME CHANGER. I was ready for action and success and to bust through the dam that was keeping me in check.

This past year has truly been THE most challenging one in my entire life. I mean it. Everything has changed. I am now 100% clear on my mission and I know exactly who I help and how. The doubt is gone.

Let’s list some of the highlights:

I had been in an extremely toxic workplace for my well-loved part time job as a beauty consultant and stylist. I wasn’t well-loved. I didn’t fit in. When I walked in the room the conversations would stop and I would feel awkward. I would eat lunch in my car. I felt bullied. I had put on weight, was tired all of the time and then there was a shift. I left and now am in a nurturing and positive location. That shift felt great. I shed the weight, found energy and felt loved and was able to reciprocate. There was laughter and joy. Game changer.

I was in a troubled love relationship, difficult. I loved him so much (still do). This ended. It’s still a struggle for me, but things changed completely. There was a shift from wanting to always be in a relationship to not desiring that, and through some struggle I was able to start enjoying my own company. I’m in relationship with myself and on the path. Game changer.

I found out I was extremely anemic, even though I had a great diet full of iron rich foods. It was so low that I would fall asleep every time I sat down and rested. My legs would sometimes collapse, I was pale, the restless legs were over the top. I wasn’t getting good treatment. My doctor (who was a Naturopath as well as an MD) was brushing it off and gave me supplements which didn’t help. I switched doctors and he sent me for immediate, emergency infusions. I was dangerously low, almost at the point where I needed TRANSfusions (!!) Game changer.

I found out that I had cancer and that was the reason I was so iron poor. It was a rough time. Fear, thoughts of mortality, even shame. I’m a health coach and here I am going through these health crisis', even through a healthy lifestyle. Game changer.

There was an acute return of my depression and anxiety. Brought on by life circumstances.  I had to reach deep inside to lift myself up. Game changer.

I took a leave of absence from school, a break from work and I holed myself up in my house. I started to prefer my home to constant activity. Game changer.

I received so much love and care from my family and new friends swooped in to support, help and be there. I also reconnected with dear old friends.I grew closer to my current friends. I felt supported. Game changer. 

Relationship break-up. My dear, dear man. I loved (love) so much. Ended. The experience is a long one, another time, another post. Painful, and still a challenge but a source of growth and the birth of a new inner strength I hadn’t experienced before. Game changer.

Surgery, trauma in the hospital, hardly any pain relief, PAIN (emotionally and physically), no advocate, left alone there…  and it’s too long to go into, but the experience triggered old trauma. This has been (and still is) a challenge. Game changer.

Then, perhaps even the most painful of all. Friends turning away from me. I have no idea why, sudden and the experiences of loss varied. There was one that felt like a sucker-punch, another extremely dear (and old, established) friend just shifted suddenly from having coffee-talks that were hours long, a spiritual connection to nothing, a public “calling-out” and then silence… Nothing…

Our relationship feels dead. . She was the kind of friend I could call on at all times, it ended… Suddenly, and I didn’t know why. There are others. New people are stepping forward and new connections are being nurtured, but for the most part I feel alone. Along with that comes the big realization that we are NEVER truly alone. There is now a process of becoming my own “best friend”.

The cancer is gone, luckily. Awesome Game Changer!!

I am so clear in my business. There was a shift and the direction it is taking is helping people make their own changes. Helping them change their game.

I could actually go on...

 EVERYthing changed.

The word, GAME CHANGER was the theme, and still is. We’re almost in December and it’s time to start putting focus on forward planning.

Have you given thought to doing this? Do you already do this? It’s a big step and to be taken seriously. Be careful what you ask for, it will happen in one way or the other.

This year was my year to walk through the darkness. Confront those dark and difficult parts of myself.

The shadow work I offer is helping others face and gain power through accepting and embracing those secret parts in you that trigger shame. The qualities you want to hide. The things that aren’t LOVE and LIGHT.

My calling is to help you through these things and help you find power and peace with yourself completely.

*There is so much power to be gained.

*How do you feel about yourself?

*What do you hide from others?

*What are you ashamed of?

There are many approaches. The first step is knowing where you are NOW. You can’t set a GPS to get where you want to be unless you are clear on your current location.

If this speaks to you and you’d like to change your game I’m available for free GOAL SETTING sessions. In these sessions we examine where you are and where you want to be.


Kelly is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Certified Crystal Healer and is here to help you feel comfortable in your body and find your groove through a body positive outlook and making permanent changes in your health, weight and life! Yes, it's possible to be body positive and also release the weight, depression, anxiety and unhealthy habits to feel confident, healthy and fabulous!

She lives in Richmond Va. with her teen daughter, has the most awesome 22 year old son, cuddly pitbull and magical black cat.