Find love and acceptance for your body

Remaining open to the possibilities isn’t always easy. I know that. It’s easy to feel trapped and immovable by your circumstances. I want to assure you that change IS possible, you are able to change your situation by changing your actions in any area of your life.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

This is true. If you want to lose weight, try losing resentment and finding forgiveness for another difficult situation in your life. Releasing in one area will release in others. This is true. Try changing the way you look at things.

How can you find love and acceptance for yourself and your body, regardless of shape or size? Try accepting another situation in your life. This will create a pathway for acceptance in all other areas of your life.

This is an energetic truth. Sometimes you may need support. Accept support and help, and gifts from others.

I know it can be a struggle. Accepting and receiving can be a challenge, but there are people out there who are willing and able to help you. In all areas of your life.

happy healthy women
happy healthy women

Want to love your body?

Find other ways to love yourself.

Write a list of things you appreciate about yourself. Write out everything, even the tiny things or things that are easily taken for granted, like “I am grateful for my feet and legs because I can walk.” To find the beauty in your body, find beauty elsewhere.

Open yourself to beauty and acceptance.

Love yourself. Love others and accept love from others.

It’s not easy, but it’s simple.


Kelly St Claire crystals
Kelly St Claire crystals

================================================================= Kelly has a full knowledge and experience of what your energy body has to do with your physical health. That’s what’s missing from many of these nutrition and physical improvement programs. Her mission is to help you connect your intuition with your health. Gain control of your health and body acceptance so you can learn how to do things like intuitively plan and prepare meals and make healthy, nurturing dietary and lifestyle choices. Her approach is not only lifestyle and wellness coaching, she blends in life coaching and hypnotherapy so you can dig down into the deeper issues. Contact her here if you’d like some help.