Do you hate your period?

You can feel it coming on, there is a dull cramping and maybe a sore lower back, a feeling of heaviness. Maybe you don’t have premenstrual symptoms. Maybe you are by the clock; every 28-30 days. Maybe you’re irregular and never know what you’re going to start. Do you dread it?


Some women pretend that it isn’t happening, throw in a tampon and keep running, others have to stop everything (this is me) and others feel it’s an inconvenience.


How about you?


So many women have PMS symptoms. Irritability, pain, bloating or a plethora of other inconveniences.


So many women hate this part of the cycle and it’s symptoms. Is this you?


I used to hate my period, I hated it because I had to pretty much stop everything and stay close to home...I am heavier than usual and I also experienced PMS so badly that I needed to be alone.


I resisted it in my head, hated it because I’m used to going and going with energy and enthusiasm. I tend to be a workaholic and it was irritating to have this inconvenience there to get in the way, it stopped me in my tracks.


PMS no longer affects my life in such a way, I stopped fighting it. I realized that it’s OK. Menstruation is a shedding of the lining that is there to nurture a potential new life, it’s supposed to be the place a fertilized egg rests as it begins the process of becoming something new. When it doesn’t implant it sheds away and it’s an ending.


It’s a time for grief, it’s ok. Even if you have no desire for children the body may grieve. This is Nature. Grief is something that is usually resisted and hated, we try to outrun it by staying busy. It’s an inner grief, an involuntary part of the process. It calls for us to spend reflective time, to slow down a bit.


It’s a time to take care of yourself, a reminder to care for yourself. In the book , ‘The Red Tent’, the women sequestered themselves to a place of seclusion from their worlds. The women took care of each other and it was a time they savored, the time they were free of effort and work.


Women’s cycles are like the cycles of the moon.


Menstrual phase~ which is day 1-5. A time of rest and reflection, the New Moon (or Dark Moon.) A time to start something new, a time to reflect and allow yourself quiet time to invite new sparks...


Follicular phase~ which is day 1 to 13. A time of hope and anticipation. Building energy. The moon is getting brighter each day. Optimism.

Ovulation phase~ which is usually around day 14. This is the Full Moon. The implantation of the thoughts/ideas and inspirations you gained through the reflective period. A magical time of manifestation!

Luteal phase~ which is around day 15 to 28. The moon begins to wane, it’s a decline in the energy, a time where new ideas take root. This is when some of experience irritation and become emotionally fragile. PMS. It’s either a time when the womb is preparing to shed it’s lining (an ending) or either a new life is strengthening and taking time to strengthen that potential, and a time when we’re invited to begin the slow-down .

When we live into the cycles we tend to have less troubling symptoms, we stop resisting them and harness them to evolve and grow.




Nettle Leaf~

A uterine tonic, nettle is rich in Iron, also Vitamins C, D, A and K, also full of  calcium and potassium. Nettles will help build your iron and help relieve cramps and nourish your body.

Red Raspberry Leaf~

This herb is rich in Vitamins A, B complex, C, E and D. It helps relieve anxiety, reduce muscle spasms (cramps).  This is a herb for any tea meant for feminine cycle issues. It’s also the primo herb for pregnancy.

Peppermint Leaf~

Adds a great taste, is cooling and good for inflammation and helps ease digestive symptoms including indigestion and nausea.

Chamomile Flowers~

A natural anti-inflammatory That helps relieve pain.Chamomile contains glycine, which is a chemical that can help relieve muscle spasms it’s also a nerve relaxant. It helps with insomnia and irritability as well as adding a great flavor to the tea.