Weight release

Have you wanted to try bulletproof coffee? (Bio-hack)

Have you wanted to try bulletproof coffee? (Bio-hack)

How DO You Bio-hack?

Here are a few simple, common biohacks.

  • Do not use alarms to wake yourself up with a sudden jolt; start waking yourself up naturally and gradually

  • Incorporate smart supplementation into your diet

  • Incorporate some fat into your daily diet

  • Try breathing deeply

  • Love dark chocolate? Try eating sugar-free dark chocolate

  • Track your sleep length and quality; start trying to get at least 8 hours every night

  • Practice concentration activities

  • Use nootropics

  • Try bulletproof coffee

How to stop giving up on yourself

How to stop giving up on yourself

It’s all about shifting the negative judgments you hold over your body into self-acceptance and self-love. Once you are able to crack through those feelings of self-loathing and shame, you will WANT to feed yourself food that nourishes you! Releasing weight and normalizing your body size is a natural progression. On the other side of “dieting” lies freedom. Sometimes dieting is a comfort zone and the idea of letting up on the rules is daunting. Once you let up on all of your food “rules” (barring allergies and other necessities) you have the opportunity to find your OWN natural guidelines.