How to write a manifesto

In my local Manifesto workshops this is the question that often stumps many people. It’s easy to be connected with the things that are fun about you, the things that other people notice and you are proud of, but the convictions that you hold deep in your heart may be harder to bring out into the light.

There are two common extreme types of people that I have seen in my classes, extreme and polarized personality traits.

Which one are you?

1~ There are people who are so outspoken that it is hard to get a word in. There are no opportunities to discuss opposing opinions either, their way is THE way and there is no room for debate. Either that or the others are crushed in a debate with this person. These people have ‘fight.


2~ There are the people who have their values tucked so deep within themselves. Desiring to keep the peace and no debates because they are afraid that their lack of confidence in speaking out will be overshadowed (and it usually is.)  These people often are afraid to excavate their true opinions because they don’t want to fight. They are turned off by the ‘fight.’


Which one are you? Most of you will fall somewhere between these examples, but think about it, how close are you to either being extremely passive, or extremely aggressive? The truth may surprise you.

We each have a bit of both in our basal selves.


What would you fight for?

Is it abortion?

Animal cruelty,


Traditional diets (heavy in animal foods?)

Do you just hate people who are oppositional and disrespectful of others’ opinions?

Are a staunch atheist?

Are you a charismatic Christian?

 Do you feel strongly against the current government administration?

Does the current health care system burn you up?

What about crystals and vibrational healing, do you believe they can heal?

 Do you hate traditional (allopathic) medicine?

Are you for breastfeeding in public in a hostile world?

Are you a homebirth supporter in a world where some people feel it is irresponsible?

What is it?


How do you want to live your life?

With love for all sentient beings? taking personal responsibility? Do you believe in destiny? creativity? that passion is all you need? That passion isn’t the only factor and you need more? Structure? Spontaneous action? One mate for life? Detachment? You get the idea?


There are so many examples, so many things we can feel strongly about. Do you connect with anything, or is a part of you turning your back on the fight?


In writing your manifesto it is important to at least have these things straight in your head.

I will pass out a sheet in my workshops with many word prompts of examples of traits and values that can touch on these deep places.

This part of the process usually takes time, and usually need to me meditated upon. Writing down and choosing a few is a great start. Standing up for them in a group or in public is a powerful to get closer to the way you really feel.


~ Being connected to your deep inner values makes you a more effective and confident person.

~ Being connected to your deep inner values helps you connect with relationships that are more fulfilling.

~ Being connected with your deep inner values will bring you more business (and connect you with clients who you really want to work with.)

~ Being connected with your deep inner values helps you write and create from an authentic place.


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