Meet Kelly 



Kelly is a Certified Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Licensed Cosmetologist/Master Stylist and Certified Crystal Healer and is here to help you kick emotional eating, lose weight and feel comfortable in your body and BE-you-tiful through HEALTHY FOOD, HEALTHY HABITS, BEAUTY, and a body confident outlook so you will make permanent changes in your health, weight and life! Yes, it's possible to be body positive and also release the weight, depression, anxiety and unhealthy habits to feel confident, healthy and fabulous!

                                               MY STORY


During my 20’s I was busy having kids and trying to work I was in a challenging relationship, and dealing with weight gain and a depression (for "no" reason) that was crushing.

All i wanted was to be a fit, vital and healthy woman who was able to handle life and flow with it's ups and downs. When I saw my reflection I saw an unhealthy and frumpy woman who wasn’t taking good care of herself. 

What did I do? I ate. 

As a result my weight was all over the place! Eventually I found myself at the highest weight I’d ever been! Eek! I didn’t fit in my clothes and was so uncomfortable in my own skin, I covered myself in frumpy, shapeless clothing. I was grumpy, angry, and miserable. 

I was closing my eyes and trying to hide from who I was.

It took getting that low for me to be willing to turn it around. We never change until we're ready and I found myself ready, so ready.



The Desire to change became greater than my fear


The moment that desire took root in me, SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENED, I BEGAN TO FALL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF! It wasn't overnight but it was limitless!

This body has always been here for me, even when I abused her with my mean words, not taking care of her, hating and picking her apart as if she were trash in the gutter.

That brought on WEIGHT, DEPRESSION and feelings of hopelessness.

I found my beauty. 

I lost weight and found my beauty that shone from within and without.

I released over 45 pounds and found myself on an extremely fun health and fitness journey. Chronic stress and depression are no longer my constant companions. I now LOVE healthy food and LIVE a healthy lifestyle.

I AM SO PASSIONATE ABOUT SHARING THE BEAUTY I FOUND, helping human beings everywhere find their loveliness, grace and HEALTH. (It is ALL connected.)


I went back to school and became a Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner, specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Culinary Wellness, Lifestyle Coaching and a deep connection with the inner workings of the human body.


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If you're interested in talking, I'm on board! Let's connect. Book a (no obligation) call here, we can discuss your goals and see if we're a good fit to work together.




Practical nutritional knowledge and practice

Body confident weight loss solutions

Getting the nutrients your body needs

Meal inspiration that brings pleasure

Strategies to raise your metabolism

Accountability and plenty of support

Raising your frequency and making profound energetic shifts (important)

Finding intense, unconditional, unending love for your body.


My focus is on emotional and nutritional peace, MINDSET, celebrating and balancing your mind and body systems. I work with women who have suffered through depression, mood swings, anxiety and poor body image.

It is OK to lose weight and love your body at the same time. I'll show you how. 






BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO meet you and we can see if we're a good fit to work together!